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We're Up and Running!!

The Sewciety Club is up and running!!  We are now creating!!

Effective 4/15/2024 (Tax Day – how fitting)

Come in for small group lessons (4-6 adult students and 4-6 child students per class), learn design elements, practice new technique, all the while, creating fabulous outfits for you, your children, your spouse, your pets, your boss - I could go on – but, I digress.  

Working beside me following my well-developed program, you will gain the knowledge and experience to design and create any household fabric item and garment you want.   I supply all you need to learn the techniques you need to master to create beautiful, stunning, and well-fitted garments.  Don’t pass this opportunity up!

I provide new machines and notions.  The machines you will master are the Serger, Coverstitch, sewing machine and coming soon -- an embroidery machine!  Just imagine the things you can create!   No machine, practice fabric, and notions will need to be toted, back and forth.  I provide all your sewing notions except for your personal fitted thimble, a professional pair of fabric scissors, and garment fabric of your choice for your beautiful garments.  These three items are highly personal choices and cannot be reasonably supplied.  

Once you have mastered a technique, you will advance to the fabric of your choice.  With that you will create an amazing garments, goods and gifts you will be proud of. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a much-needed skill in today’s economy.  You can’t afford to pass this up.  I promise – you WILL save thousands of dollars making your own designer clothes as well as upcycling clothes you currently have that need a boost.

I look forward to meeting you!

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